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  • by Amber Leventry
    It took me a couple of years to feel proud of my recovery. I was thankful for my sobriety and acknowledged the hard work I was doing to not drink each day, but I couldn’t shake the shame and embarrassment for what I thought was my fault. I was an addict; I did this to […] The post Addiction Recovery Will Look Different For Everyone appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Katie Bingham-Smith
    One of my friends just got married for the second time. She had a stunning wedding, she wore a long, white wedding gown and veil. Her bridesmaids were divine, and she spent more money on it than she did for her first wedding even though it was a quarter of the size due to COVID. The […] The post Not All Divorced Women Want To Get Married Again, And This Is Why I Don’t appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Tracy Hargen
    In the years since my son acknowledged his depression, we became advocates to remove the stigma around depression and mental health issues. The post What Happened After ‘Mom, Can We Talk’: 10 Things That Helped Our Family’s Journey Through Depression appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Kristina Johnson
    A Florida chiropractor signed hundreds of mask exemptions and now the school is changing their policy A Florida school district had to update its mask policy, after hundreds of students submitted medical exemption letters all signed by the same doctor — who, it turns out, wasn’t actually a medical doctor. The Sarasota County School Board originally […] The post FL School Tightens Mask Policy After Chiropractor Signs 100s Of Exemptions appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Madison Vanderberg
    Gabrielle Union opens up about her struggle to conceive amid learning husband Dwyane Wade fathered a child with someone else Years ago, before Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade were married, they took a break and during that time, Wade fathered a child with another woman. Union hasn’t spoken about this time in her life all […] The post Gabrielle Union ‘Devastated’ After Dwyane Wade Had Child With Another Woman In 2013 appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Nikkya Hargrove
    For African Americans, land and homeownership have long been a dream — something that was hard-fought to have and continues to be a struggle for many to obtain today. In 1924, a beach resort existed in Los Angeles that allowed Black folks the recreational opportunities that segregation denied them, land that was built for and […] The post ‘Bruce’s Beach’ In Los Angeles Will Soon Be Returned To The Black Family It Was Stolen From appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Kristina Johnson
    “This was not the story I agreed to tell” Alanis Morissette is not happy with a new documentary on her life and career. Jagged Little Pill is named after Morissette’s iconic 1995 album, and while the singer sat for hours of interviews with the filmmaker, she now says the final product is “salacious.” “I agreed to […] The post Alanis Morrisette Blasts HBO’s ‘Jagged’ Doc For Taking Advantage Of Her appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Madison Vanderberg
    Reports are surfacing of parents lying to get COVID-19 vaccines for their underage kids Currently, children under 12 do not have an FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine, but with the opening of schools and the skyrocketing COVID-19 hospitalizations in minors, apparently, some parents are bending the rules and sneaking their children under 12 into COVID-19 vaccine clinics […] The post Experts: No, You Absolutely Should Not Lie To Get Your Too-Young Kid Vaccinated appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Team Scary Mommy
    Seriously, why are men? Why do we will still elect crotchety old-ass white men who probably can barely make a sandwich for themselves to make decisions for the rest of us? Men who are notoriously shitty at multi-tasking, who protect their fragile egos before anyone else, including those who voted for them, and who have […] The post From The Confessional: Why Are Men? appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Arielle Tschinkel
    Instead of being a competition-based reality show (LOL), The Activist will now be a single-episode documentary and… well, OK then Earlier this week, social media was perplexed by the news of a forthcoming CBS reality series titled The Activist, in which internet-famous activists would compete against each other in a series of challenges designed to, […] The post CBS Is Totally Re-Doing ‘The Activist’ Show Because It Was A Terrible Idea appeared first on Scary Mommy.