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  • by Maggie Clancy
    The only son of award-winning director and actress Regina King passed away just days after his 26th birthday On January 22, Regina King’s representative confirmed that her 26-year-old son Ian Alexander Jr. died by suicide. His 26th birthday was on Wednesday. “Our family is devastated at the deepest level of the loss of Ian,” King’s […] The post Regina King’s Son, Ian Alexander Jr., Has Died By Suicide At Age 26 appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Maggie Clancy
    A Virginia mother said she was going to bring “every single gun loaded and ready” to her kids’ school if a mask mandate went into effect School board meetings have easily become one of the most chaotic aspects of raising kids and continuing their education in the midst of the Covid pandemic. Some meetings are […] The post A Virgina Mother Was Charged After Threatening To Bring Guns To Her Children’s School Over Mask Mandate appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Jill Layton
    There’s arguably nothing cuter than a toddler in sunglasses. When their tiny, adorable faces rock a rad pair of shades, they instantly turn into a very cool person you want to grab coffee and a croissant with. But aside from sunglasses being awesome, they also serve an important purpose — to protect your toddler’s eyes […] The post The 11 Best Sunglasses For Toddlers, According To An Expert appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Amy B. Chesler
    Parenthood is both marvelous and occasionally demoralizing. It’s eye-opening, heartwarming, and sometimes even bone-chilling, and nothing can really prepare you for it properly. You’re knee-deep in diapers then suddenly planning a Sweet 16, and there’s no foolproof manual or perfect piece of advice to carry you through the process. We can only do our best […] The post 5 Simple Strategies From Parenting Books That Actually Work appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Kate Antoniades
    Stroller mittens may be something you’ve never thought about — but they’re a great item to put on your baby registry or to add to your stroller accessories if you already have a little one. You won’t have to worry about cold hands (or wrists!) with these cozy mittens and muffs! They stay attached to […] The post The 9 Best Stroller Mittens For Never Losing A Glove Again appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Amy Thetford
    Ah, the letter Z — last, but certainly not least. When your littles are learning their ABCs, it’s easy to find ways to incorporate hands-on DIY activities to help them really take in each lesson. But by the time you get to the letter Z, you may find yourself running out of ideas. If that’s […] The post Zowie! Kids Will Love These Zany & Zippy Letter Z Crafts appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Karen Belz
    It’s often hard to think of questions to ask daycare providers before enrolling your child. For many parents, this is a brand new experience — and it’s hard enough trying to think about how you’ll cope during the day having someone else watch your kid, especially for new moms. Even if everyone you know has […] The post Keep Drop-Off Dread At Bay With These 70+ Questions To Ask Daycare Providers appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Colleen Dilthey Thomas
    I have been pregnant four times. During each of those pregnancies, my body morphed into a version of itself that amazed me. The fact that I was growing another person inside of me was incredible, as were all of the changes that happened to my body while those babies were growing. But while it’s common […] The post Maternity Bras Are The Worst. Why Aren’t They Comfortable? appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Valerie Williams
    There’s a new Jonas baby! Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have welcomed their first baby via surrogate It sounds like seasoned dads Joe and Kevin Jonas have some advice-giving ahead of them. Their brother Nick has joined their ranks as he and wife Priyanka Chopra just welcomed their first baby. Chopra and Joans both posted […] The post Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Welcome Their First Child appeared first on Scary Mommy.
  • by Virginia Duan
    As much as I am grateful for KN95 masks sized specifically for tiny faces, after a long day of school and activities — especially in the dead of winter — the ear holders in particular can really wreak havoc on their skin. While not wearing masks (even after they’re vaccinated) isn’t a good option, fortunately […] The post How to Help Your Kids’ Mask-Induced Dry Skin appeared first on Scary Mommy.