• The United States is trying to find a way to accelerate delivery of fighter jets amid increasing tensions with China. Taiwan has deployed advanced, fourth generation fighter jets in a show of force to stand up to China. China has fifth-generation fighter jets, but so does the United States, who has backing Taiwan. The president … The post US trying to speed delivery of jets to Taiwan appeared first on Alltop Viral.
  • ESPN, like a growing number of media outlets, is not sending reporters to the Beijing Olympics over fears of harsh COVID protocols. Human Rights Watch has warned athletes attending the Beijing Olympics not to speak out against Chinese human rights abuses for their own safety. Japan has joined the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, … The post ESPN will not send reporters to Beijing Olympics appeared first on Alltop Viral.
  • French lawmakers have officially labeled China’s treatment of Uighurs “genocide,” calling on the government to take “the necessary measures within the international community and in its foreign policy towards the People’s Republic of China” to protect the Uighurs. The move comes just weeks before the Olympics. The American Congress has passed a bill that would … The post French lawmakers call Chinese treatment of Uighurs “genocide” appeared first on Alltop Viral.
  • Parts of Texas are expected to see an incredible temperature drop over the course of 36 hours, going from 80º and sunny to freezing rain. Last year, the oceans were the hottest ever recorded, a troubling sign of climate change. In 2019, 354 penguins died of a heat wave, demonstrating the catastrophic impact climate change … The post Parts of Texas will drop from 80 degrees to freezing temps and ice storms in 36 hrs appeared first on Alltop Viral.
  • In northeastern states, COVID cases are falling as rapidly as they arose, signaling that the omicron variant has perhaps already peaked. Critics are calling the CDC “unrealistic” for suggesting schools cancel nearly all activities and warning those who have recovered from COVID to avoid anyone with a comorbidity (which amounts to 80% of Americans). The … The post Northeastern states see dramatic fall in COVID cases appeared first on Alltop Viral.